orange tree strathmore
Our History
Golden Valley Citrus’s history begins with all the growers and employees that are
dedicated to making it a premiere citrus supplier worldwide.

Here’s a short summary of our history:

Gerald Denni and Martin Mittman founded Golden Valley Citrus with the aim of gaining better control of how the citrus they grew and managed through their farming company (Mittman – Denni Citrus Management) was packaged and sold to the market.

Gerald and Martin, along with eight committed farmers, acquire a building site in Strathmore, California and build a small packing shed -- right in the heart of the great San Joaquin Valley’s “Citrus Belt“ and located close to their orchards.

Also in this year Golden Valley joins the Sunkist Growers Cooperative, which is the world’s largest grower-owned citrus marketing company.

Golden Valley’s innovative thinking leads them to install one of the citrus industry’s first orange labeling machines, which eventually becomes a standard in the industry.

Following the devastating 1997-98 citrus freeze, Golden Valley arranges to have flown in Compac grading equipment from New Zealand that allowed it to be the first to use modern technology to separate frost-damaged fruit from good fruit. Not only did that technology help Golden Valley’s growers salvage profits from what could have been devastation, the company opened its doors to its competitors as well. The fruit separated on their behalf helped growers across the industry avoid disaster as well.

As farmers and committed stewards of the land, Golden Valley’s ongoing commitment to favor environmentally safe alternatives leads the company to begin the transition of 10 acres to organic production.
Also at this time, the demand from growers to handle their fruit leads Golden Valley to expand their operation. They buy 7 acres of adjoining land to enlarge their packing and storage.

In line with the company’s philosophy of maximizing grower returns, Golden Valley installs High-Brix detection equipment to their Compac electronic grader.

Golden Valley’s growth of their organic citrus program leads to the acquisition of Golden Maid’s packing and cold storage facility in Strathmore, making Golden Valley the sole organic orange packer in the Sunkist Cooperative.

Aligning with Golden Valley’s pledge to sustainability, the company installs 4.5 acres of solar panels generating enough electricity to power their entire packing and storage operations.

In its continual pursuit of acquiring technologically advanced equipment, Golden Valley installs acid sensor and measurement capabilities to its current line of Brix detection equipment. The combination of both acid and sugar measurement is well received by Golden Valley's customers overseas, most notably in Korea and Japan.

Also, Golden Valley expands its line of organic citrus to now include Mandarins and Tangos, in addition to its current organic line of Navels, Valencias, Grapefruit, and Cara Caras.