orange tree strathmore

Our Pledge
It’s simple – provide high-quality delicious fruit to our customers through innovation and efficiency.

We have and will continue to invest in technological advances that will ensure every piece of fruit is efficiently ran and minimally handled.  This includes processing fruit through our frost density and high sugar
(brix) sensors on our electronic graders. 

   Food Safety
Consumers expect the produce they purchase for their family to be as safe as it is healthy.  Citrus has never been linked to a food borne illness or outbreak, but nevertheless we strictly adhere to the safe growing, handling, and shipping of our fruit.  We strive to be in the forefront of “farm to table” food safety by being certified under the highest industry standards.  Keeping up with the most updated food safety protocols is a full time job,
which is why we have a dedicated food safety associate.

First and foremost, as responsible farmers we must ensure that sustainability is a commitment we adhere to daily in our orchards.  Our dedication to responsible agricultural practices includes efficient irrigation,  integrated pest management, judicious use of soil amendments, and most importantly – employee  health.  In 2006, we transitioned a 10 acre orchard to organic.  We now have over 600 acres dedicated to organic production.  In addition, we continue to further the expansion of our “non-chemical” program.  Also, in 2014, 4.5 acres of solar panels were installed at our main packing facility which ultimately mitigates our effect on the environment.